(Photo by Victor Bezrukov)

My name is Tom Bezrukov (96’), and I’m an Israeli-based photographer (digital & analog) and a freelance commercial video creator.


I got my first video camera as a gift from my dad and uncle at the age of 11. It was a mini cassette-type camera, which I used endlessly around the house. That was also when I started editing in Avid Media Composer. You can still find the first video I created on youtube, a music video of myself dancing like a maniac in the living room (and though it’s very cute, I wouldn’t recommend finding it).

At the age of 19, I came back from Indie and applied for a 4-year film program at Minshar - School of Arts in Tel-Aviv, focusing on directing and editing. In 2021 I officially started working as a freelance editor.

I shoot and edit social commercials, product lines and music videos for small to medium businesses, and also have a few short films I directed or edited in my belt (some of them even toured a bit around the world).

I’m available for hire! You are more than welcome to contact me for any job or project you may have.


In regards to my lovely hobby - I’m mostly interested in street, urban, and architecture B&W photography, with frames that are instinctively devoid of humans, but naturally rich with what they left behind (other than the fact that I’m simply in love with how it looks and feels). My eyes are easily drawn to anything that's dark, rundown, abandoned, or decaying (especially if it has that punchy contrast).

That being said, I always try to challenge myself - tackling my fear by documenting human life is just one part of it (if by now you found a portrait project on this site, that means I won!). Another way is by using complex machinery. My heart’s always drawn to any type of equipment that has some amount of limitations in it. I’d always prefer analog and manual gear over anything else, and if it’s digital (like my trusty old XT-2), I usually force it to look and act as if it’s completely dumbfounded and bound to the user's will.

And that's exactly why I fell in love with film format. Up until 2022, I shot only digitally, but ever since I got my first 35mm film camera (Nikkormat Ftn), it’s hard for me to go back (yet from time to time I still do).

In conjunction with my portfolio I’m sharing here with you, I’m also running a photography blog, where I log all my learning experiences, successes, and failures. I invite you to subscribe to my website, to be notified of every new post I upload, and every time I update my humble Portfolio.