Short films

Edited / Directed



20 Min

A cardboard box waits in the middle of a bedroom. Shay is sitting on the couch, ignoring the loud Skype beeping from his laptop. He’s got a few hours left to decide what to do with what’s inside the box, and where to bury his guilt.

ActorsNoam Tal, Tomoaki Sasazaki
Writer & DirectorTom Bezrukov
Director of PhotographyMichael Dal
EditorIdo Chen
ProductionHilla Zacks
1st ADDor Pe’er
Poster for Not What You’ve Asked For

Not What You've Asked For

10 Min

A young mother asked her son to take care of his grandfather for a night, detailing everything he has to do. He rebels in his own way.

Writer & DirectorTom Bezrukov
Director of PhotographyGideon Imagor
ProductionTal Duer
EditorTom Geffen Bezrukov
ActorsDaniel Porter, Issac Pekar
Poster of Bordo


14 Min

Worried by his wife's behavior, a married man tries to find out if she knows something about his secret life.

ActorsAlon Leshem, Efrat Arnon
Writer & DirectorDor Pe’er
Director of PhotographyRaz Birger
EditorTom Geffen Bezrukov
ProductionYarden Malka
Poster of Pleasures


9 Min

A miserable man, unhappy with his dull married life, descends into a world of dark hallucinations, and meets an entity that might give him a chance to experience pleasure.

ActorsTomer Sharon, Lilach Shachar, Elisheva Weil
Writer & DirectorDor Pe'er
Director of PhotographyRoman Plotkin
EditorTom Bezrukov
ProductionAdi Rotem
Assistant DirectorG
Poster of As I Watch You From Afar

As I Watch You From Afar

13 Min

A young man is waiting for the bus alone at night. A series of absurd encounters will reflect his repressed past.

ActorsBen Ze’ev Rabian, Izhak Peker, Danny Isserles
Writer & DirectorOmer Weiss
EditorTom Bezrukov
Director of PhotographyOr Azulay
ProductionTal Duer